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How Communities Can Improve the Lives of Seniors


With the population steadily increasing in age, more and more seniors are living without relatives nearby to care for them. This makes any number of everyday tasks challenging for older adults who need assistance. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources on the web that can help communities learn about the issues that the seniors in our communities face, as well as ways we can improve their daily lives during the coronavirus pandemic.


Beverly Nelson, a specialist in long-distance caregiving, provides these links as a resource guide. Beverly can be reached at:


Home Security and Safety


As seniors age, they’re more susceptible to home injuries and mishaps. Help them make aging-in-place modifications to their home or help them downsize.


How to Improve Home Security in 14 Easy Ways

8 Aging-in-Place Home Modifications for Seniors

Help Them Determine How Much They Could Make by Selling Their Home

Invest in Devices That Can Improve Existing Home Security


Community Engagement


Seniors are at risk of loneliness and isolation. Help them stay engaged in their community.


5 Ways to Serve Elderly Church Members

The Power of Friendship in Old Age

Ways for Seniors to Remain Socially Connected

4 Ingenious Technologies to Help Aging Adults Stay Connected and Engaged


Health and Well-Being


Help seniors stay physically and mentally fit so they can live happily and comfortably.


Recipes and Meals for Seniors

6 Easy and Safe Exercises for Seniors

Stress Reduction Tips for Seniors

5 Tips for Helping a Senior Clean House


The aging adults in our communities deserve to live happy, fulfilling lives. From home safety to community to healthy habits, there are plenty of ways that each of us can help those who need it. But don’t stop here; continue to research and keep an open mind about how you can help the seniors in your life with the challenges they face each day.





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Online Services and Tech to Save Long-Distance Caregivers Time, Money, and Stress


Providing care from afar is something many of us never thought we would have to do. But, given the current situation, it may not be safe to physically interact with our sick or aging loved ones. Thankfully, there are some ways you can use the latest tech to make your life easier and your loved one’s life more comfortable, all while practicing social distancing protocols.


Save on Online Orders


Long-distance caregivers should check out this Amazon shopping guide from Rakuten for advice on saving with online orders from sites like Amazon. From utilizing Amazon’s Bargain Bin finds to saving with Amazon Outlet to accessing the latest Amazon promo codes, there are endless ways to trim costs when you ship new tech or household essentials to your senior loved one’s home. Plus, you can combine those savvy saving moves with cashback offers from Rakuten for even more savings.


Have Household Essentials and Groceries Delivered


Another way you can keep your loved one healthy and happy from afar is by using online grocery delivery services from stores like Costco. Costco currently offers delivery to many major metropolitan areas, and you can have everything from paper towels to socks to fresh foods delivered to your senior’s home. Costco even offers same-day delivery for orders of $35 or more, which can come in handy when your loved one needs groceries for meals ASAP.


Research and Compare Online Meal Delivery Services


In addition to grocery delivery services for senior loved ones, you can also check into meal delivery options. Many meal delivery services offer special menus for older adults, but at the very least, they can deliver healthy options so your senior loved one doesn’t have to leave their home. You can use introductory offers to save money on subscriptions but compare services to find one that fits your budget.


Invest in Technology to Enhance Overall Health


Amazon’s Echo device can prevent isolation, but there are other tech tools you can use to protect and provide comfort for your loved one. Fitness trackers can detect falls and encourage your loved one to stay active, while monitoring systems can provide caregivers with peace of mind. You can even use the Amazon shopping tips above to score these tech tools for less.


Being a long-distance caregiver can be stressful for you and your family’s budget. With the tech tools and online services above, you can reduce some of that stress and ensure your loved one feels safe and protected.




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